The platform

The VALO Smart City model is unique – we either use existing or provide new physical assets and infrastructure to create a connected smart city network for multiple applications. VALO offers numerous combinations and configurations of products to meet the unique needs of each city. 

VALO works in long-term Public-Private Partnerships with cities and local authorities to provide customised solutions, new public resources such as free Wi-Fi, and much-needed new sources of revenue – which is split with local authorities.

The benefits of VALO

CGI of the new smart bus stop on Poplar Walk in Croydon

New physical infrastructure

VALO believes in creating infrastructure that truly improves the quality of life of citizens – and physical costs of a partnership are born upfront by VALO, along with maintenance costs for the life of the contract.

VALO can install the platform using existing street furniture or new city infrastructure: bus shelters, lighting, benches, and more. The city receives upgraded or new versions of the street furniture free of charge.

Women sitting at a VALO smart bus stop

New digital infrastructure

Citizens will enjoy new physical infrastructure that is well designed and properly maintained. The VALO platform creates space to install new applications which can deliver public amenities such as digital countdown displays on bus stops, free Wi-Fi, traffic sensors, CCTV, air quality, and pollution sensors. These applications are connected and linked across a city or area creating data to help citizens and authorities better understand their city and plan for future changes to improve quality of life.

CGI of new smart bus on Fairfields Hall Close

At no up-front cost

The physical infrastructure and VALO platform are installed and maintained at no up-front cost to the city or area, saving cities and public bodies money.

CGI of the new bus stop on George street

Generating revenue

Once installed, the project almost immediately begins to generate revenue for the city. The VALO platform can host any revenue-generating application, but at the moment revenue comes from advertising on digital displays and via free Wi-Fi.

Partner with us

VALO offers multi-year Public-Private partnerships with cities and Local Authorities. This partnership saves money for the city, and potential revenue is shared between the partners. By leveraging profits and costs, the Public-Private Partnership model has clear advantages.