Smart City

We are a holistic smart city integrator. We transform a city’s utilities, infrastructure and other municipal assets into a connected digital platform to integrate and deploy Smart City services. VALO forms long-term Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) with public bodies to develop, operate and maintain city assets. The result enables cross-departmental integration that forms the basis of a holistic Smart City. 

Making cities smarter

VALO’s Smart City Platform has endless possibilities. We partner with cities, local authorities and transport authorities to integrate assets such as bus shelters, digital displays, benches, bicycle docking stations, EV charging, rubbish bins, street lighting and much more. The assets combined with electrical and internet connectivity create a unique foundational platform. This platform allows cities to collect and cross-reference data, such as traffic flow and air quality, deploy city-wide Wi-Fi, provide real-time information and alerts, and generate revenues through advertising and commercial partnerships, making the city in question a truly Smart City.

Interested? Watch our video with CEO Isaac H Sutton explaining more:

The VALO platform

We have partnered with leading architecture, design, and technology companies to create a state-of-the-art Smart City Platform and Street Furniture such as Smart Bus Shelters that feature real-time transit updates, environmental and security monitors, Wi-Fi connectivity, and digital advertising, at no cost to public bodies. 

We provide city administrators with access to the asset and management dashboard so they can view platform data and make more informed decisions. Also provided is access to the advertising platform, which will allow city administrators to override digital adverts as well as place emergency notifications when and where necessary. 

A VALO Smart City

VALO case study

Smart Croydon

A partnership between VALO Smart City and the Borough of Croydon is creating new bus shelters across the borough bringing a new iconic design, free Wi-Fi, and digital bus countdown screens at every Council-owned stop.

CGI of new smart bus on Fairfields Hall Close

Partner with us

VALO offers multi-year Public-Private partnerships with cities and Local Authorities. This partnership saves money for the city, and potential revenue is shared between the partners. By leveraging profits and costs, the Public-Private Partnership model has clear advantages.