What Makes Smart Cities Smart

When looking to develop or transform into a smart city, we need to not just address the current challenges the city is facing, but also scale it to its maximum potential.

In general, cities and habitats are posing a dire need to be more connected, more innovative, and more citizen-centric. Technology has played -and will continue to play- a significant role in designing solutions to address the problem statements that citizens and the authorities face…

From transport to housing and the environment, why smart cities are a post pandemic essential

The smart cities of the future are not about flying cars and holograms. They are about transforming and improving the lives of residents through smart technologies that run across healthcare, transport, education, the environment and much more. Many of these areas have been placed under the microscope in the midst of a global pandemic which has disrupted our living and working patterns. Our CEO, Isaac Sutton, was featured in Aarabian Business talking about why smart technology solutions are needed now more than ever to improve our daily lives.

Smart cities 101: Ushering a new era of transformation

Be it booking an e-bike from your phone, being kept updated in real-time on the arrival of the next tube or connecting to the internet from anywhere in the world, our generation is accustomed to instant connectivity and convenience. But, there’s far more that can be done to make our lives better, without us even realising it. From enhanced traffic management to safer and greener neighbourhoods, our CEO Isaac Sutton reveals some of the top features of a ‘Smart City’…