Welcome to Smart Croydon!

VALO UK and Croydon council are very excited to announce a new 10 year partnership to create new smart bus shelters across the borough. This project will see the Croydon council owned shelters replaced by VALO, creating new smart connected shelters.

Every bus shelter will come equipped with a digital bus countdown screen and other local transport information to make your journey easier.

What is a smart bus shelter?

The VALO smart bus shelters are connected to high speed internet, which powers the countdown screens and creates a network of free Wi-Fi hotspots for you to use. Perfect for listening to music or making a quick call before the bus arrives! The free Wi-Fi will also host a brand new Croydon Connections webpage with local news, council announcements and travel information.

Will I notice anything different?

Yes, we hope so! We will begin upgrading the shelters in the March 2022 across the borough from outside Fairfield’s Hall to residential streets and at East Croydon Station, we are installing over 100 new bus shelters.

They have been designed by international architects Grimshaw to become a new iconic design for Croydon, to look modern and sleek with a lot of reinforced glass to let in light and help people feel safe. The new digital displays will be installed on every shelter to ensure you know when the next bus is coming.  

When will my local bus shelter be upgraded?

VALO and Croydon council are upgrading shelters owned by the council so there will be plenty across the borough – but not all bus stops will be replaced in this project. We will start in March 2022.

Check back here for regular updates on the project, or read more on our news page.